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Whatever design you come up with, we are able to embroider it on a product of your choice. We can also provide separate embroidered patches and appliqués.

We embroider on the following apparel and products

  • hockey hats knitted hats and head gear,
  • cotton t-shirts, shirts, polo-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, winter coats,
  • work clothes overalls and uniforms,
  • sports wear,
  • terry towels, bathrobes,
  • promo toys, umbrellas,
  • leather products and so on.


Examples of embroidery on caps, hoodies, t-shirts and other products.

Examples of our product line

Showcase of real products made by Offensive.

Patches, appliqués, 3D

Showcase of other embroidery production options.

Snapshots form our facility

Workshop, embroidery machine.