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Hockey and Ball Hockey socks

Knitted socks

Knitted socks are made from high quality polyester yarn. A special manufacturing process ensures superior quality and elasticity of the material. We manufacture them in various lengths. You can choose or customize your own patterns of color stripes. See examples of the stripes' layout.

Knitted socks HK Nitra (away)
Knitted socks - "Slovak All Star"
Knitted socks - "Slovak Hockey Stars"
Knitted socks HK Nitra (home)

Sublimated socks

Sublimated printing is the latest trend in the production of hockey socks. Sublimated socks satisfy the need for a perfect match of hockey apparel designs and colors. The main advantage is the possibility of sharp graphics with with unlimited colors. Socks can perfectly match with the jersey colors and design. They can include the team logo, player numbers, and advertising/sponsor designs.

Sublimated socks HK Nitra (away)
Sublimated socks Dukla Trencin (away)
Sublimated socks HK Nitra (home)
Knitted socks HC Nitra jr. Team + sublimated sponsor logo (home)